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Coca-Cola Partners with Marshmello for Fresh Flavor


Coca-Cola Partners with Marshmello for Fresh Flavor

From the start of 2022, Coca-Cola has been introducing novel limited-edition flavors as part of its Coca-Cola Creations lineup. These peculiar, innovative flavors have included the “cosmic-flavored” Starlight and the “digital-flavored” Byte. Today, Coke has revealed their upcoming offering, and this time they have collaborated with a popular DJ to add some extra flair.

The next unique flavor in Coke’s Creations series is inspired by Marshmello, though it’s not actually marshmallow-flavored but rather influenced by the palate of the renowned DJ and electronic artist Marshmello.

“In our third Coca-Cola Creations release, we aimed to infuse a surprising fusion of tastes into the beloved Coca-Cola essence,” expressed Oana Vlad, Coke’s senior director of global strategy.

“We’ve crafted a harmonious blend of my preferred flavors in this fresh blend,” remarked Marshmello in a separate statement. “I find the taste delightful and I hope fans feel the same way.”

The beverage will be offered in both regular and sugar-free variations, with the can listing watermelon and strawberry as the primary flavors. The product will hit shelves in the United States starting July 11, followed by a worldwide launch later in the summer.

This marks the first collaboration between Coke and a musical artist, and they are set on making the most of this partnership. Beginning July 9, the drink will be showcased on Marshmello’s Twitch channel. Consumers who purchase a can will have the opportunity to scan a QR code from July 25 onwards, leading them to a promotional site where, as per Coke, “AI technology will translate their emotions while enjoying Marshmello’s latest track into a personalized digital artwork.” Quite creatively abstract.

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