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Coachella Allegedly Delayed to 2022


Coachella Allegedly Delayed to 2022

Credit: Unsplash

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival of 2020 was anticipated to be a grand affair, set to showcase not just well-known American artists but talents from various parts of the globe. It was even planned to include a performance by the Japanese virtual idol, Hatsune Miku, a prospect that excited me greatly. Regrettably, the event was originally slated for April 2020, which coincided with the onset of the global COVID-19 lockdown. Goldenvoice, the festival’s organizer, has been endeavoring to secure a new date for the long-awaited event, but they now face further delays.

Reports emerged early this week, indicating that Coachella 2021, initially intended for October 2021 in the hopes of a stable pandemic situation, has now been pushed back to at least April 2022. Should this date hold, it signifies a precise two-year gap between the previous and forthcoming Coachella editions. Neither Goldenvoice nor AEG Presents have made any public statements on this matter so far.

Certain concert promoters are optimistic about resuming live tours by late Fall 2021. However, the uncertainties surrounding the pandemic, artists’ hesitancy to tour, and the extensive preparations required make a large-scale Coachella festival highly improbable compared to smaller live events.

“There’s a substantial contrast between hosting two weekends of Coachella in California and organizing a country festival in Florida,” a source informed Variety.

While event organizers bide their time, the live entertainment sector continues to suffer financial setbacks. Due to the pandemic, the industry incurred losses exceeding $30 billion in 2020, with at least $9 billion attributed to foregone box office revenues.

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