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Claim by Dwayne Johnson of ‘Control’ Against Vin Diesel


Claim by Dwayne Johnson of ‘Control’ Against Vin Diesel

Credit: Unsplash

The role of Dwayne Johnson as Agent Hobbs in the Fast & Furious series has positioned him as a prominent figure in its development. Nevertheless, following the latest film release, Johnson explicitly stated that he was done with the series and would not be part of the next installment, set for release in 2023. Recently, Johnson’s co-star, Vin Diesel, penned a public plea on his personal Instagram urging his return.

“I made a vow that we would achieve and bring to life the ultimate Fast in the concluding chapter that is the 10th! I express this with affection… yet you must make an appearance,” Diesel expressed. “Do not abandon the franchise, as your role is crucial. No one else can portray Hobbs. I hope you step up and fulfill your destiny.”

Regrettably, it appears this message had an adverse impact. Speaking to CNN, Johnson voiced his annoyance with Diesel’s public persuasion, characterizing it as “control.”

“I was taken aback by Vin’s recent post,” Johnson remarked. “Back in June, when Vin and I had a direct, private conversation – not over social media, I explicitly informed him that I would not be returning to the series. I was resolute but respectful in my stance and conveyed that I would always support the cast and wish for the franchise’s success, yet my return was out of the question.”

“I didn’t appreciate the way he brought up his children and also referenced Paul Walker’s passing in the post,” Johnson added. “Leave them out of this. Our discussion months ago had led to a clear mutual understanding. My intention throughout was to conclude my wonderful journey with this remarkable Fast & Furious series with gratitude and dignity.”

Johnson sought to bring closure to the issue positively by stating, “I genuinely wish my former colleagues and crew members the utmost success and luck in the upcoming phase.”

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