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Christopher Walken Has Never Possessed a Mobile Device


Christopher Walken Has Never Possessed a Mobile Device

Credit: Unsplash

The concept that an individual could exist in modern society without the assistance of technology is entirely alien to me. Computers and mobile phones have become intricately intertwined with the lives and professions of myself and nearly everyone I am acquainted with. If these devices were to suddenly vanish one day, I would be left utterly perplexed. However, in such a hypothetical scenario, there is now at least one individual who would remain unaffected: Christopher Walken.

Recently, Walken made an appearance on The Late Show for an interview with the host, Stephen Colbert, to discuss his latest film, Wild Mountain Thyme. Due to pandemic safety measures, Colbert has been conducting all recent interviews remotely via Zoom, including this one. While this setup isn’t an issue for most celebrities, it posed a slight challenge for Walken.

During the interview, Walken revealed, “Someone had to come and install this because I don’t possess a mobile phone or a computer,” confessing that he has never owned either type of device throughout his lifetime.

When queried by Colbert about his aversion to technology, Walken explained, “I simply came to it at a late stage. I believe I’m at an age where it passed me by. I refrained from delving into it as it would be peculiar for a 10-year-old to have a better grasp of it than I do.” He further likened cell phones to watches, stating that “if the need arises, someone else will have one.”

The only instance where Walken even interacts with a phone is while on set, though even then, he doesn’t give it much attention. “Occasionally in a film, they’ll provide me with a mobile phone, but it’s primarily for them to locate me… akin to a tracking device. If I wish to utilize it, someone else has to dial it for me, that kind of situation,” he remarked.

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