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Chrissy Teigen Faces Backlash for Extravagant ‘Squid Game’ Celebration


Chrissy Teigen Faces Backlash for Extravagant ‘Squid Game’ Celebration

Credit: Unsplash

When a phenomenon gains enough traction, its distinctive image often overshadows any underlying narrative or moral. Take, for instance, the popular South Korean series Squid Game, which revolves around individuals burdened by debt risking their lives for a chance at normalcy, all while wealthy spectators observe from a distance with detached curiosity. The show carries a poignant message on the value of humanity versus material wealth, making it somewhat awkward when someone decides to throw an elaborate, richly adorned party themed after Squid Game.

Recently, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend hosted an extravagant event at Teigen’s residence, entirely inspired by Squid Game. Attendees sported the iconic green tracksuits worn by the show’s characters, party staff donned costumes resembling the masked soldiers, and Teigen herself appeared in a slightly eerie rendition of the Red Light, Green Light animatronic with oversized painted eyes.

“Where to even start!!” Teigen excitedly expressed on her Instagram. “What an absolutely epic night. My dream of witnessing my friends compete until the end came true! From a dunk tank and musical chairs to hide and seek, all culminating in an intense round of pin the tail on the donkey. @wifeoftheparty, you’re truly exceptional with the BEST team. Thank you thank you thank you!!”

Fans and acquaintances of Teigen commented on the event, admiring the festive atmosphere, yet many observers pointed out that hosting an elaborate gathering themed around a series portraying the plight of the impoverished might be in poor taste.

“This feels incredibly out-of-touch for a millionaire to invite their affluent friends over and reenact scenarios from squid games, which inherently criticizes the brutality of capitalism,” remarked an Instagram user.

“I’m entertained by this… but it gives off vibes of wealthy individuals watching the glass bridge sequence,” added another.

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