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Chick Corea Is No More at the Age of 79


Chick Corea Is No More at the Age of 79

Credit: Unsplash

Having been part of Miles Davis’ ensemble in the 60s and the creator of Return to Forever, the jazz pianist Chick Corea was one of the forerunners in the jazz fusion realm. Throughout his musical journey, he clinched 23 Grammys and received over 60 nominations. Unfortunately, we bid farewell to yet another legend of classic music, with the recent confirmation of Corea’s demise at 79.

“With heavy hearts, we reveal that on February 9th, Chick Corea breathed his last at the age of 79, succumbing to a rare type of cancer that was only identified not long ago,” declared the post on his official Facebook page.

“Across his existence and musical career, Chick delighted in the liberty and pleasure found in birthing something fresh, and in engaging in the creative pursuits that artists revel in,” further mentioned the post. “He was a cherished spouse, father, and grandfather, as well as a wonderful guide and confidant to many. Through his collected works and the decades spent traversing the globe, he impacted and motivated millions of lives.”

Accompanying the news of Corea’s demise, the post also included a heartfelt message to his admirers scribed by the maestro himself. “I extend my gratitude to all those who have supported the flame of music throughout my journey. I urge those who harbor a spark to play, compose, perform, or engage in any form of artistic expression to do so. Even if not for oneself, then for the collective. The world not only needs more artists, but it’s also bound to bring sheer joy.”

“And to my incredible comrades in music, who have been like kin to me as long as I can recall: It’s been a privilege and a delight to learn from and collaborate with each one of you. My purpose has always been to spread the joy of creation wherever possible, and to have achieved this with artists I deeply revere—this has been the essence of my existence.”

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