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Characteristic Comparison Of Nicholas Galitzine And Taylor Zakhar Perez

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Characteristic Comparison Of Nicholas Galitzine And Taylor Zakhar Perez

Nicholas Galitzine and Taylor Zakhar Perez were pitted against each other unfairly during their appearance in Red, White and Royal Blue.

Nicholas Galitzine elaborated on the comparisons made between him and his co-star Taylor Zakhar Perez when they acted in the Prime Video production Red, White and Royal Blue last year. In the film, they portray the offspring of the US President and a British royal who develop romantic feelings but need to conceal their relationship.

During a recent discussion with GQ concerning his latest movie The Idea of You, where he shares the screen with Anne Hathaway, Nicholas was queried about having a countenance that possesses the potential to captivate many.

In his reply, he reflected on the comparisons to his RW&RB colleague Taylor.

Nicholas also discussed being perceived in a way that likened him to ‘a prime cut of meat at a market’.

He remarked: “To me, the most crucial aspect is to be respected as a performer. I’m not requesting sympathy, but it’s been challenging to be involved in a discourse that seems to objectify me like merchandise at a market.”

When questioned if he referred to casting decisions or reactions to his performances, he responded mentioning both; “I believe that having my appearance as the defining attribute is something that constantly worries me.”

Having taken on multiple queer roles, the actor acknowledged feeling hesitant at times about potentially encroaching on someone else’s space, yet he perceives his characters beyond merely their sexual orientation.

“I identify as a heterosexual man, but I have had the privilege of being part of some remarkable LGBTQ+ narratives. There were moments of doubt regarding whether I might be displacing someone, along with a sense of guilt. However, I view those characters as individuals whose essence extends beyond their sexual orientation.”

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