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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Enhances Supernatural Disaster Guidelines


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Enhances Supernatural Disaster Guidelines

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My exposure to an ample amount of undead films, TV series, interactive experiences, and literature throughout the years has instilled in me the significance of possessing an unmistakable foolproof undead strategy. In the event of an authentic outbreak of reanimation, particularly if we are dealing with creatures akin to those in “28 Days Later,” the realm of plausibility cannot be disregarded, hence one must equip oneself to the fullest extent possible. For those who haven’t dedicated their entire existence to screen time, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have revised their recommendations for the event of a possible resurrection of the deceased.

Curiously, the CDC’s zombie calamity page proclaims, “Curious as to why discussions on zombies, a potential zombie crisis, and readiness for such circumstances continue to exist on the CDC platform? Initially conceived as a light-hearted initiative to captivate new demographics with readiness messages, it has indisputably emerged as a remarkably efficient medium. We shall persist in reaching out to and captivating diverse audiences with universal preparedness directives.”

It appears that many fundamental principles governing undead readiness are also applicable to general calamity readiness, encompassing both biological and natural disasters. The CDC’s directives counsel individuals to assess prevalent disaster types in their vicinity, such as tremors or cyclones, allocate meeting spots, designate emergency contacts, devise evacuation paths, and maintain inventories of requisite provisions and tools including sustenance, fluids, medication, and medical assistance kits.

Given the challenges we have collectively confronted in the prior year, matters associated with disaster readiness, whether immediate or enduring, have emerged as a considerably weighty theme. Consequently, the CDC has opted for zombies as a means to render the preparatory process slightly more enjoyable and relatable.

“The events of 2020 have rendered such scenarios significantly less implausible,” expressed Cheryl Nelson, the founder of Prepare with Cher and a tutor specializing in readiness for natural disasters, further commenting, “It fosters the idea – ‘Well, perhaps the occurrence of a global pandemic implies that other extraordinary incidents could arise – like the reanimation of cadavers?! Possibly, I should make preparations.'”

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