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CAUGHT: Escaped Convict Apprehended After Attempting to Purchase ‘Call of Duty’


CAUGHT: Escaped Convict Apprehended After Attempting to Purchase ‘Call of Duty’

Credit: Unsplash

Last November, Clint Butler, a 36-year-old British inmate, successfully broke free from HMP Spring Hill prison. Serving a 17-year term for theft and firearms offenses, he had been on the run since then, with British law enforcement actively pursuing him. After evading capture for several months, he finally resurfaced. Surprisingly, it was a passion for video games that lured this fugitive out of hiding.

Recently released information from the West Midlands Police detailed that in January, Butler was sighted in Birmingham city center with an unknown companion. Detectives Mark Owen and Allison Brown observed the pair changing direction upon noticing the officers. Consequently, Owen and Brown approached them to inquire about their presence during the pandemic lockdown.

One of the men remarked, “I’ve come to purchase the latest Call Of Duty as I can’t endure another lockdown.”

During the document check, Butler grew confrontational and physically assaulted Owen before being swiftly subdued by Brown and security personnel. Despite attempting to provide a false identity, his true identity as an escaped convict was soon unraveled. Butler’s sentence has been extended by an additional 19 months for his escape and the assault on an officer, ensuring his incarceration until approximately 2024.

“The perplexing decision of venturing into town during lockdown with a friend to acquire a video game, thereby jeopardizing his freedom and returning to prison, remains a baffling enigma,” remarked Superintendent Nick Rowe of the West Midlands Police.

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