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Carrie Bradshaw’s New York City Apartment Set to be Up for Rent


Carrie Bradshaw’s New York City Apartment Set to be Up for Rent

Credit: Unsplash

Aside from their typical business of leasing accommodations swiftly and effortlessly, Airbnb has been operating an entertaining offshoot for the past few years where they offer unique lodging experiences. Examples of this venture include last winter when they offered a special dome bedroom in the heart of Times Square, New York, to witness the live ball drop on New Year’s Eve, or last summer when they made available the last Blockbuster location for a nostalgic sleepover. This time around, they have unveiled a new opportunity tailor-made for fans of the television series Sex and the City.

A collaboration between Airbnb, Warner Bros., and Sarah Jessica Parker has brought to life an authentic recreation of Carrie Bradshaw’s charming NYC apartment (complete with a lavish walk-in closet). Two fortunate guests can secure a one-night stay in the apartment for a mere $23 in celebration of the show’s 23rd anniversary. Visitors will enjoy a virtual welcome from Parker herself, the chance to explore the closet, complimentary cosmopolitans, and a stroll through Manhattan.

“Our aim was to fashion the apartment in a manner that reflects the cozy, lived-in ambiance that Carrie curated in Sex and the City,” remarked an Airbnb representative to Fox Business. “Her apartment exuded an eclectic charm without appearing cluttered, and it narrated her persona through the ever-accumulating stacks of Vogues, overflowing closet, and, naturally, the post-it notes.”

The fictional character of Carrie Bradshaw holds a special place in my heart, and revisiting her world for the continuation of the Sex and the City narrative has been an absolute delight,” expressed Parker regarding the listing. “I am thrilled for viewers to explore Carrie’s New York in a whole new way and literally step into her shoes for the very first time.”

The booking requests will open on November 8, with the stays scheduled for November 12 and 13.

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