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Carole Baskin Takes Legal Action Against Netflix for ‘Tiger King 2’


Carole Baskin Takes Legal Action Against Netflix for ‘Tiger King 2’

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Netflix recently revealed their plans to launch a follow-up series to the 2020 hit Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness later this month. This new series aims to delve deeper into the existing enigmas and disputes showcased in the first season, and to catch up with the key individuals from the initial season, many of whom have encountered increased public attention and in some cases, affluence. Yet, Carole Baskin, a central figure from the previous season who was dissatisfied with her portrayal, is pushing to halt the production of the second season altogether.

Yesterday, Baskin and her spouse Howard initiated a formal lawsuit against Netflix to prevent the launch of Tiger King 2 and to seek compensation from the company. Baskin claimed that when she was first approached to participate in the initial season, it was with the understanding that she and her tiger sanctuary organization, Big Cat Rescue, would be depicted as heroes of the narrative. Clearly, as viewers of the show know, this turned out not to be the case, with numerous episodes heavily focusing on the disappearance of Baskin’s former husband and subtly insinuating her involvement. After the series aired, Baskin recounted facing severe damage to her reputation, receiving incessant inquiries about her husband’s alleged demise.

Aside from her personal discontent with the series, Baskin also highlighted that the use of her footage in the upcoming season breaches the terms of the agreement she had made with the producers. Baskin asserted that she had agreed to participate in a “sole documentary feature film,” which, according to Howard, Tiger King was anything but.

“Though we cannot impede Netflix and Royal Goode Productions from creating trivial, sensational, and provocative content, we firmly believe we possess the authority to manage the footage filmed of us under deceptive pretenses,” he stated.

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