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Can You Figure Out This Creative Nail Design?


Can You Figure Out This Creative Nail Design?


The nail art on display is fit for a gallery

Conventional nail art is often associated with simplicity, but now is the era of a revival in nail art, all thanks to Meg from MSK Nails. This skilled nail technician is renowned for crafting intricate manicure works of art, along with sharing videos of her process that leave viewers pondering the design before completion. This particular video left many viewers puzzled, so we offer some clues and unveil the creative journey behind this elaborate nail design.

Meg has a wide repertoire of designs but is especially celebrated for infusing a touch of enchantment with whimsical Disney characters that she sketches meticulously by hand even before applying any nail polish. MSK Nails presents the Disney Sketches collection, featuring beloved 10 Disney characters with stunning manicure designs for each finger!

Another exciting offering from MSK for Disney aficionados is the characters’ names showcased in their iconic autograph style, easily recognizable from any Disney theme park autograph book. Meg has brought to life nearly every conceivable Disney character with striking detail on nails, yet one character especially highlights her prowess.

The character spotlighted in the video is a cheerful member from the French tale of “Beauty and the Beast,” known for the famous song ‘Be Our Guest.’ Need another hint still?

This charismatic character from “Beauty and the Beast” serves as a contrast to the uptight clock Cogsworth and brings illumination to the dark castle. Any true Disney enthusiast would recognize the endearing Lumière, whom Meg captures with exquisite detail on a small canvas.

Meg’s distinctive approach to nail art is captivating and can be witnessed on Instagram @msk.designs.professional.nails, with a direct link to her Etsy page for more stunning designs. Meg began her nail art journey in her teenage years, experimenting with new designs and nail painting techniques, eventually transforming it into her thriving full-time business.

MSK Nails showcases a diverse range of press-on nail designs in various colors, shapes, and styles. As a business owner, Meg takes great pleasure in supporting the small business community and receiving encouragement from her fans.

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