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California Emerges in Full from Shutdown


California Emerges in Full from Shutdown

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At the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak last year, California took the lead in implementing a focused lockdown strategy to curb the transmission of the virus. Restrictions were imposed on businesses, and face coverings and physical distancing were mandatory; such was the routine in California mainly since March 2020. Nevertheless, with a successful vaccination campaign, California is now prepared to resume normal operations.

Effective immediately, all capacity limits and distancing protocols across California have been completely lifted, and masks are optional for fully vaccinated individuals. However, mask-wearing is still mandatory on public transit, medical facilities, correctional facilities, schools, and childcare centers, aligning with the directives from the Centers for Disease Control.

“California is transitioning away from this health crisis, thanks to swift actions by the state and the compliance of Californians who adhered to health advice and got vaccinated to safeguard themselves and their communities,” expressed Governor Gavin Newsom. “With close to 40 million vaccine doses administered and boasting some of the country’s lowest infection rates, we are rescinding the orders that have influenced Californians’ daily lives while staying alert in safeguarding public health amid the ongoing pandemic.”

Indeed, California has seen significant progress in its vaccination campaign. Approximately 72% of adults and about 59% of the total population in California have received at least one dose of the available vaccines. The state currently reports the third-lowest per capita seven-day mortality rate and the seventh-lowest per capita seven-day infection rate nationwide.

Nonetheless, as emphasized by Newsom, there is still work to be done. “Our efforts are not concluded. We are not declaring victory just yet. This isn’t vanquishing the virus overnight. This epidemic is far from over. It is crucial to recognize that more lives have been lost to Covid in 2021 globally than the entire previous year,” he stated.

Newsom strongly urged people to be transparent about their vaccination status concerning mask precautions, and to continue wearing masks for those who remain unvaccinated. “Trust is the foundation, and that is the protocol on a national scale and will persist in California,” he declared.

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