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Burning Man 2021 Called Off Due to COVID-19


Burning Man 2021 Called Off Due to COVID-19

Credit: Unsplash

Since its inception in the 1980s, the Burning Man festival in Black Rock City, Nevada has stood as a significant emblem of unrestrained self-expression, community forging, and admiration for the arts, encompassing tangible creations as well as more abstract forms like music. It is also an event known for its relaxed atmosphere, often characterized by individuals in various states of undress engaging in good-natured revelry. However, while Burning Man fosters an environment of liberty, the safety of its participants remains a top priority for its organizers. Hence, in light of ongoing safety concerns, Burning Man 2021 has been officially axed.

Describing the journey of the past 14 months as tumultuous and transformative for everyone worldwide, the Burning Man project conveyed on its official website, “We have navigated through the challenges of a global crisis, navigating uncertainties in public health guidelines, and nurturing the hope for a collective revival.”

The statement added, “The Burning Man Project team has diligently explored numerous scenarios to revive our desert metropolis in 2021. Amidst multiple variables, we possess the resilience to surmount obstacles. That’s our modus operandi.”

Emphasizing the ongoing impact of the pandemic, the statement concluded, “Despite the gradual easing of restrictions in the United States and the increasing optimism, we are still within the pandemic’s grip, with various uncertainties that cannot be promptly resolved within the available timeframe.”

Though the traditional event stands cancelled, organizers are considering hosting a virtual gathering during the same timeframe, akin to last year’s setup. This virtual experience will encompass a diverse range of art installations, both physical and digital, and participation will be entirely complimentary (while donations are encouraged to support the cause).

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