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BTS to Go on Short Break


BTS to Go on Short Break

Credit: Unsplash

After their return from the previous hiatus in 2019, the immensely popular K-pop group BTS has been incredibly successful, dominating concerts and music charts with their latest songs and albums. Despite the ongoing pandemic for almost two years, they have continued to excel, except for some canceled world tours. They have already clinched the top spot on the global artist rankings with their hit track “Dynamite,” and are set to perform at the BTS Permission To Dance On Stage shows and Jingle Ball Tour.

Nevertheless, even these K-pop giants are human beings who require a break every now and then. Consequently, their music label, Big Hit, has announced that once the upcoming events are over, BTS will be embarking on a short hiatus lasting several weeks to allow its members to relax and rejuvenate.

Big Hit’s official statement on the matter states, “This break will offer the hard-working BTS members a chance to refuel their creative energies and find inspiration. It will also be the first opportunity for them, since their debut, to spend the holiday season with their families. We would like to request once more that you respect their need to have simple, ordinary lives and focus solely on themselves, even if only for a brief period, during their rest time.”

“BTS will be concentrating on preparing for the upcoming concert and release of their new album, signaling the start of a ‘new chapter.’ They are gearing up for a concert scheduled for March to engage and communicate directly with their fans in Seoul. We express our deepest appreciation to all the fans who continue to support BTS, and they will return as their best and healthiest selves after recharging so they can reciprocate all the love from their fans. Thank you.”

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