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BTS Addresses UN Assembly


BTS Addresses UN Assembly

Credit: Unsplash

Observing the phenomenon surrounding BTS from an external perspective, it’s undeniable that the unwavering dedication of their fanbase is truly remarkable. These seven youthful individuals possess a widespread global following that enthusiastically celebrates their achievements, propelling them to a level of fame that has made them a household name. Their immense influence granted them the unique opportunity to address the UN General Assembly, one of the most exclusive audiences in the world.

Today, all members of BTS graced the UN General Assembly with their presence, delivering a heartfelt speech on their personal experiences in the current global landscape and the challenges faced by young adults. Their presence at the Assembly was made possible through their recent appointment as “special presidential envoys for future generations and culture” by South Korean President Moon Jae-in. The members vocalized their support for the strength of virtual connectivity and communal solidarity, a sentiment that was vibrantly echoed by over a million BTS fans flooding the live chat on the UN’s official YouTube stream.

The members expressed optimism that their generation will be remembered for their unity as a community, transcending physical barriers and adversities like the COVID-19 pandemic. RM remarked, “I’ve heard the youth of today being labeled as the lost generation of covid, but calling them lost overlooks the unseen path they navigate through young eyes.”

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