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Britney Spears Shares Insights About Guardianship in Court


Britney Spears Shares Insights About Guardianship in Court

Credit: Unsplash

For more than ten years now, renowned songstress Britney Spears has been under a guardianship overseen mainly by her father Jamie Spears. While under her father’s care, Spears has experienced a significant reduction in autonomy in her own life, with minimal control over her finances, little say in career choices, and even forced long-term contraception to prevent pregnancy. Recently, during a session at a Los Angeles Superior Court, Spears formally requested the termination of the guardianship.

“I simply crave the return of my autonomy,” Spears expressed to Judge Brenda Penny in her plea to end the guardianship. “I only desire the authority over my money and for my partner to drive me in his vehicle. I seek justice against my family.”

“I aspire to progress forward and aspire to experience life to the fullest, including marriage and motherhood,” she continued. “I’ve been informed that under the current guardianship, marriage and motherhood are off-limits to me.”

Support for Spears has poured in from her admirers, as well as various celebrity acquaintances, who have used social media to voice their calls for the end of the guardianship and the return of Spears’ self-governance.

“After witnessing today’s events, it’s crucial that we stand with Britney in this moment. Regardless of past experiences, both positive and negative, and no matter how long ago they occurred… her current situation is unequivocally unjust,” former NSYNC group member Justin Timberlake shared on his Twitter. “No individual should be stripped of the right to make decisions regarding their own body.”

“We trust that the legal system, alongside her family, rectify this situation and allow her the freedom to lead her life as she sees fit,” he concluded.

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