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Bon Jovi to Broadcast Brand-New Concert Across 300 Theaters


Bon Jovi to Broadcast Brand-New Concert Across 300 Theaters

Credit: Unsplash

The circumstances of the past year have necessitated musicians to explore new methods for sharing their art with the audience. Given that touring has been on hold for quite some time, many artists have redirected their focus. Some have dedicated themselves to crafting fresh melodies and albums, while others have opted for more relaxed interactions with their supporters through online streaming and social platforms. We’ve realized that despite not being able to meet face to face, the medium of conveying and receiving a message is still viable, especially when that message involves a live concert on a grand display.

Jon Bon Jovi, the frontman of the renowned rock band Bon Jovi, revealed via his Twitter account on Monday that they will be live presenting a novel concert across 300 drive-in theaters and traditional cinemas on May 22. Though the performance is prerecorded, each location will screen it simultaneously. The arrangement is overseen by Encore Drive-In Nights, a promotional enterprise known for organizing comparable theater-distributed shows by artists such as Blake Shelton, Kate Brown, and Metallica.

“Bon Jovi is a worldwide symbol, and we are thrilled that the band will kick off our 2021 concert series!” remarked Walter Kinzie, the CEO of Encore Drive-In Nights, in a statement to “The pandemic has exposed alternative avenues for live entertainment, and this approach stands out as one of the safest and most inventive alternatives for offering top-notch, enjoyable events suitable for the entire family. Countless fans who typically don’t attend live shows—whether due to their distance from large arenas or financial constraints—can now engage with artists in an entirely fresh manner.”

Tickets will be available for purchase starting this Thursday, April 29, priced at $68 per vehicle at drive-in theaters, where up to six individuals can enjoy the show.

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