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Bob Dylan Expresses Regret for Utilizing Machine to Mass-Scribe Books


Bob Dylan Expresses Regret for Utilizing Machine to Mass-Scribe Books

Dylan employed an autopen to produce a nearly identical signature on each copy of the book.

Recently, iconic crooner/songsmith Bob Dylan unveiled a fresh tome named Philosophy of Modern Song, which encapsulates his reflections and contemplations on both his melodic creations and the current state of the music realm in general. Aside from the standard edition of the book, 900 copies were made available for $599 apiece, assuring that each volume would receive a personal signature from Dylan himself. However, upon the reception of their deluxe edition volumes, aficionados began to observe that the signatures on each book were eerily similar, too uniform to have been manually executed.

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Responding to the backlash from fans, Dylan took to social platforms to clarify that, owing to health issues, he resorted to an autopen contraption to assist him in signing the books. In a statement posted on his Facebook page, he mentioned, “I’ve personally signed each and every art print throughout the years, and there has never been an issue.”

“Yet, in 2019, I battled severe vertigo which persisted into the pandemic era. It required a team of five individuals working in close proximity to aid in these signing sessions, and we couldn’t find a safe and feasible method to accomplish what was required while the virus was rampant,” he added.

He elucidated that “the suggestion of employing an auto-pen was proposed to me, alongside the assurance that this type of practice is commonplace in the artistic and literary spheres.”

Dylan expressed remorse for using the device and revealed that he is collaborating with his publisher, Simon & Schuster, to address the situation. Simon & Schuster declared in a tweet, “To those who acquired the ‘Philosophy of Modern Song’ exclusive edition, we extend our apologies. It has emerged that the special-edition books indeed feature Bob’s authentic signature, albeit in a penned facsimile. We are remedying this issue by offering an immediate refund to each buyer.”

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