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Billie Eilish Removes Social Networking Applications


Billie Eilish Removes Social Networking Applications

Eilish Aims to Create a Distance from Online Engagements.

Similar to many present-day public figures, entertainer Billie Eilish has a complex relationship with the online realm, especially social media. While social platforms offer a convenient means to connect with fans and acquaintances, they also expose celebrities to significant levels of harmful and potentially perilous content. It is due to this reason that Eilish is seeking to detach herself from social media in general.

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During a recent feature on the “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend” podcast, Eilish disclosed that she had eradicated all social media apps from her mobile device.

“I feel like I experienced my upbringing during the optimum era of the internet when it wasn’t as digital that it infringed on my childhood. I genuinely had a proper childhood, engrossed in various activities,” Eilish expressed. “There were computers and gaming on computers, but only to a limited extent.”

“Subsequently, as I entered my pre-adolescent phase, iPhones emerged, and as I matured further, the contemporary digital age unfolded, but during my pre-adolescent and adolescent years entrenched in the online realm, that sphere was where my peers were, and I was a part of that cohort.”

“I’m an individual who navigates the internet… Gradually, the videos I watch and the content I encounter pertain to me. I recoil, thinking, ‘Ugh, unappealing.’ I detest that,” she remarked.

“Every internet narrative I come across, I accept. Me! And I am well aware that such behavior is foolish and unwarranted as evidence shows a considerable portion of it is inaccurate. Hardly any of it holds true,” she pointed out. “It’s akin to minor white falsehoods overlooked by most but regrettably believed by all.”

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