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Avoid Utterances to an Individual With Chronic Migraines


Avoid Utterances to an Individual With Chronic Migraines

Migraines Extend Beyond a Headache

Coping with migraines can be challenging, but it becomes even more challenging when those around you fail to comprehend the intensity of your migraine episodes. Below are some phrases that individuals who experience migraines are tired of hearing.

“It’s merely a headache”
While some may perceive migraines as a regular headache, for many, they do not share the same fortune. The intensity, frequency, symptoms, and duration of migraines vary, with some bouts lasting for hours or even days.

“You are overemphasizing”
Many individuals might downplay the impact of migraines and insinuate that you are exaggerating about something trivial. Dealing with migraines can disrupt a person’s daily life and activities, and being dismissed as dramatic during an episode is demoralizing.

“You should modify your diet or treatment”
Decisions regarding diet or treatment should be left to a dietician or physician, as they possess knowledge and experience in managing this condition. Additionally, assuming things based on someone’s body type is impolite and unwarranted.

“Is it truly that severe?”
To alleviate migraine symptoms, individuals often require a quiet and dark environment to soothe their minds, which can be challenging at times. Some migraines can be so intense that they manifest other incapacitating symptoms like vertigo or nausea.

For more insights on effectively discussing or managing migraines, watch the video featuring Neurologist Dr. Komal Naik above.

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