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‘Avatar 2’ Visuals Cause Film Projectors to Fail


‘Avatar 2’ Visuals Cause Film Projectors to Fail

The breathtaking visuals proved to be too much for certain theater projectors.

The highly anticipated follow-up to James Cameron’s blockbuster film, Avatar, titled Avatar: The Way of the Water, is currently making waves during its worldwide theatrical release. While the film has not yet shattered records, viewers generally concur that its visuals are truly impressive, surpassing those of the original movie.

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Remarkably, these stunning visuals have posed a challenge for some movie theaters which struggle to display them in their full glory. A report from Bloomberg revealed that numerous cinemas across Japan encountered technical issues attempting to screen the film. Avatar 2 requires high frame rate playback, a capability only the latest and most advanced projectors can support, leaving older devices to present the film at a reduced quality. Consequently, projector malfunctions resulted in refunds for patrons and disruptions to scheduled screenings.

Most cinemas are opting for lower-quality screenings of the film, with only the high-quality 48 FPS viewings encountering issues. Some venues have even reported total projector failures when attempting to show the film at higher quality. Although most of these incidents are customer testimonies, theater chains have refrained from commenting on the situation.

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