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Ava Max Experiences Injury Following Fan’s Face Slap


Ava Max Experiences Injury Following Fan’s Face Slap

An injury befell Ava Max, an accomplished American pop star, when a man slapped her face while she was on stage performing at The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles. Disturbing footage shared on social media captured the exact moment of the incident. As Ava Max was wrapping up her final song, the man suddenly rushed towards her and forcefully struck her face.

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The 29-year-old vocalist instantly reacted in pain, holding her eye, yet admirably finished her performance before leaving the stage. She expressed her disappointment on Twitter, stating, “He struck me so forcefully that he scratched the inside of my eye. He won’t be attending any more shows. Thank you to the fans for being amazing tonight in LA!”

Joel Rangel, a concert attendee who had journeyed from Tucson, Arizona, recounted the incident. According to him, Ava Max was wrapping up her performance with the song “The Motto” when a fan ran onto the stage with arms open, seemingly intending to embrace her. Amidst the chaos, lights fell, and the man’s arm accidentally hit Ava Max in the face. Security promptly apprehended the intruder, but the harm had already been done.

Despite her injury, Ava Max made an attempt to meet with her fans, though it happened an hour later than planned. Attendees encountered a confused and bewildered singer, wearing sunglasses to shield her injured eye. Joel Rangel described the meeting as distressing, observing Ava Max’s state as she seemed “really disoriented.”

This distressing episode involving Ava Max follows a similar incident concerning singer Bebe Rexha, who was hit by a thrown phone during her performance in New York. Bebe Rexha’s alleged attacker, Nicolas Malvagna, faces assault charges after admitting to the act, claiming it was meant as a prank.

Such occurrences serve as potent reminders of the necessity to prioritize artists’ safety during live shows. Concert organizers and security personnel must stay vigilant to prevent such intrusions and safeguard the well-being of performers like Ava Max, who wholeheartedly commit to entertaining and connecting with their audience.

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