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Australian Authorities Retrieve Missing Radioactive Capsule


Australian Authorities Retrieve Missing Radioactive Capsule

The capsule was located and secured before any harm was done.

Reports from last week by Australian authorities indicated the disappearance of a minuscule capsule, not larger than a coin, along a highway in the western region of the country. This capsule contained a radioactive substance named Caesium-137, which could potentially cause severe illness if handled for extended periods.

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Efforts were initiated by authorities to comb the sides of the extensive highway, akin in length to the entire state of California, establishing barriers and advising caution to all locals to avoid touching any uncommon objects if found. Emergency teams meticulously traversed the highway, utilizing radiation detection devices to scan the area.

This morning, following a continuous six-day exploration, the capsule was successfully pinpointed and extracted by authorities, with no adverse effects observed on local residents or wildlife.

“Considering the vast search area, locating this item posed a significant challenge; the search parties essentially discovered the elusive item,” expressed State Emergency Services Minister Stephen Dawson during a press briefing.

Authorities are presently investigating the precise circumstances under which the capsule slipped out of the transport truck en route from a Rio Tinto mine. The prevailing hypothesis suggests a loose screw on the truck created an opening through which the capsule fell.

“Undoubtedly, this device should never have gone astray,” articulated Iron Ore Division Head Simon Trott during the media conference. “We regret the incident and the anxiety it has caused within the Western Australian community.”

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