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Aus Farmer Organizes Herd of Sheep in Enormous Heart Shape to Honor Late Aunt


Aus Farmer Organizes Herd of Sheep in Enormous Heart Shape to Honor Late Aunt

Credit: Unsplash

Because of travel restrictions imposed by the global pandemic, Ben Jackson, a farmer from New South Wales, couldn’t make it to Brisbane for his aunt’s funeral. His aunt had recently lost a two-year battle with cancer. Instead of being physically present at the memorial, Jackson found a unique way to express his affection for his departed aunt using the resources available to him – his numerous sheep.

He spread grains in the form of a heart on his pasture, and as he unleashed his sheep, they all gathered around the feed, aligning themselves to form the shape of a heart. With the help of a drone, Jackson captured the entire scene on video. He shared this heartwarming footage with his family to be screened during the funeral and also posted it online, where it quickly gained popularity.

“There was no feasible way for me to travel and bid her farewell or attend the funeral,” Jackson expressed to the BBC.

“Feeling helpless and hopeless, I was at a loss. But in the midst of my usual feeding routine, I decided to create a massive heart on the ground as a tribute, although in all honesty, it could never measure up to hers.”

During the funeral service, Jackson’s family played the video, accompanied by the soothing melody of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

“This was one of her cherished songs, and when I witnessed it in that context, I must admit it brought tears to my eyes. It was a truly emotional moment,” shared Jackson.

Reflecting on the attention the sheep heart garnered online and on Australian TV, Jackson mentioned his aunt would have been pleased. “She would have been overjoyed to see the joy and smiles the heart I created has brought to many. It’s all about love. Love is truly extraordinary.”

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