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Arby’s Unveils Extremely Hot Sandwich


Arby’s Unveils Extremely Hot Sandwich

Credit: Unsplash

Was there a tradition of subjecting oneself to fiery cuisine prior to 2000? Ghost peppers only started appearing in Western dishes around that time. Since then, it appears individuals cannot resist challenging themselves with the highest Scoville-rated heat without succumbing. It’s undoubtedly a peculiar trend, yet a lucrative one; many fast-food establishments have been concocting spicy competitions to entice and torment potential challengers, with Arby’s being the latest.

Effective immediately and until February 6, certain Arby’s outlets are presenting the “Diablo Dare,” featuring a crispy chicken or smoked beef sandwich packed with the most fiery ingredients Arby’s could procure. This ensemble comprises ghost pepper jack cheese, an undisclosed zesty blend, fire-roasted jalapenos, and Diablo BBQ sauce, all nestled within a toasted crimson chipotle bun. Given that a single ghost pepper is sufficient to incapacitate many, this sandwich isn’t for the faint-hearted, a fact made explicit by Arby’s leadership.

“This sandwich is reserved for the bold,” declared Patrick Schwing, chief marketing officer at Arby’s, in a public address. “Many in the Quick Service Restaurant industry claim to offer spicy options, but our research indicates that consumers are often dissatisfied by fast food’s spicy claims. We rose to this challenge by combining all varieties of spiciness—the hot, the numbing, and the enduring—to create the Diablo Dare, a genuine evaluation of your heat threshold.”

As a gesture of camaraderie, each $5.99 Diablo Dare sandwich order will include a complimentary small vanilla milkshake to extinguish the searing flames—assuming the milkshake machine is operational. Arby’s is also urging patrons to film their Diablo Dare endeavor and share it on TikTok for the “Diablo Dare Hashtag Challenge,” featuring its unique effect filter starting January 18.

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