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Apple Showcase Reveals Fresh Lineup of Devices


Apple Showcase Reveals Fresh Lineup of Devices

Courtesy: Unsplash

Apple revealed its latest event, dubbed “Spring Loaded,” showcasing a range of new versions of their flagship mobile devices and some novel features.

Commencing with tablets, Apple introduced the updated iPad Pro, boasting a more robust processor, 5G support, a Thunderbolt connector port, and an overhauled mini-LED display. Equipped with the new M1 chip, the enhanced iPad Pro is set to enhance graphical performance and augmented reality capabilities. Priced at $799, the new model is scheduled for release on April 30.

Discussing the M1 chips, Apple disclosed a fresh series of iMac desktops in vibrant pastel colors reminiscent of the iconic iMac G3. Leveraging the M1 chip, the revised iMac is sleeker and more compact while maintaining superior processing speeds and improved cooling efficiency. The built-in camera on the iMac has been upgraded to better cater to remote work settings. The revamped iMac will be available in four colors for $1,299 and three exclusive colors for $1,499, which will include additional undisclosed features. All models are expected to launch in late May.

Besides upgraded models, Apple also presented their newest gadget, the AirTag, a small circular tracking device that can be attached to various objects, akin to Tile. The AirTag is compatible with Siri and Apple’s Find My app, dust and water-resistant, and incorporates a small speaker that emits tones to aid in locating it. The AirTag will retail for $29 each or $99 for a four-pack starting April 30.

Finally, Apple introduced the latest iteration of the Apple TV 4K streaming device, now featuring a new Siri-compatible remote crafted from 100% recycled aluminum. The updated remote includes an improved navigational pad for clicking or swiping through menus, along with a dedicated Siri button and TV power control. The new Apple TV will be on sale starting April 30 at $179 for 32 GB or $199 for 64 GB.

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