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‘Animal Crossing’ Receiving Major Content Updates


‘Animal Crossing’ Receiving Major Content Updates

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When the COVID-19 pandemic started in earnest back in March of 2020, the perfect game for self-isolation just happened to release: Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch. I, as well as many people I know, found refuge in the game, tending to our islands and passing the time while we were stuck at home. While the game was very well received, however, many longtime Animal Crossing fans agreed that it was still missing some major features from the previous games. It’s taken a hot minute, but New Horizons will finally be getting some of those features in its next and last free content update, as well as some paid DLC.

The free update will bring the game up to version 2.0, and will introduce a myriad of new features. Naturally, there will be lots of new furniture pieces and customization options for your home and island (including the coveted Froggy Chair), but in addition to that, islands will be receiving new installations. The barista Brewster will be opening a cafe in the museum for residents to mingle, Kapp’n will ferry you to islands in different climates and time zones, Gyroid collection has returned, and Harv’s Island can now host a massive merchant bazaar.

The paid DLC, titled the Happy Home Paradise DLC, is a bit more involved, getting you a job with the Paradise Planning team. As a Paradise Planning employee, characters will request vacation homes in a nearby archipelago, and it’s your job to design them to fit their criteria. Designing new homes will not only make you some friends, but also reward you with rare furniture and some new homemaking features.

Both the update and the DLC will release on November 5. You can buy the DLC for $24.99, though you can also get it as a part of Switch Online’s new Expansion Pack tier.

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