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Amy Hart Disses Joey Essex Following Elimination By Public Vote In Love Island

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Amy Hart Disses Joey Essex Following Elimination By Public Vote In Love Island

The Love Island villa was thrown into disarray by a public vote, resulting in former islander Amy Hart making pointed remarks about Joey Essex’s demeanor on Aftersun.

In the latest episode of Love Island, a public vote led to newcomers Omar Nyame and Tiffany Leighton being eliminated due to receiving the fewest votes for favorite couple.

Joey Essex and Grace Jackson also found themselves in the bottom rankings, causing the reality TV veteran to question the situation. Previously, he had been paired with Samantha Kenny, and they were saved as one of the audience’s favorite duos.

Now matched with his former flame Grace, Joey was perplexed by the public’s decision, feeling they should be regarded as a “power couple”. He pondered with Grace why they weren’t viewed favorably and concluded that her interest in Omar might have contributed.

During the post-show Aftersun, ex-Islander Amy Hart likened his reaction to “deja vu”.

Amy reflected on the time when Joey and Samantha called it quits upon Grace’s arrival, emphasizing that “he pinned it on her”, pointing out that he implied their opportunity was lost when Grace distanced herself upon entering the villa.

The Love Island: The Morning After presenter remarked, “And now [Joey and Grace] end up in the bottom two, it doesn’t cross his mind that his actions during the past week could have been the reason, he concluded it stemmed from that single conversation between [Grace] and Omar.”

Now that Omar has left, it appears that the door is shut for the Manchester native. Nevertheless, viewers anticipate she’ll distance herself from Joey after she was spotted conversing with Konnor Ewudzi.

On Aftersun, the critiques weren’t solely directed at Joey. Samantha, Joey’s partner for two weeks, made an appearance and witnessed Grace connecting with Konnor.

“That’s the way it is,” she quipped before confessing her disdain for Grace. Samantha expressed to Maya Jama that she views Grace as “sneaky” and “not a nice individual”.

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