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Americans Urged to Steer Clear of Canada


Americans Urged to Steer Clear of Canada

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Speaking on behalf of some Americans, I must confess that the prospect of venturing beyond our borders has not been particularly appealing in recent times. Each country’s unique scenario with the COVID-19 crisis varies slightly, making the idea of jeopardizing one’s health for a Spring vacation less than enticing. Surprisingly, it seems I am in the minority, with a significant number of individuals still keen on boarding flights to foreign destinations. However, if international travel is an absolute necessity, best to steer clear of Canada.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a recommendation today advising all US nationals to refrain from traveling to Canada whenever possible. While nonessential travel has been restricted at the Canadian-American border for several months, essential services, such as commercial and business-related trips, are still allowed through the Whatcom County crossings. Although the current plan aims to lift these restrictions by April 21, experts speculate this timeline may be postponed.

The CDC’s cautionary advisory stems from Canada grappling with sporadic outbreaks of various COVID-19 variants, notably from the UK and Brazil. Cases requiring hospitalization due to these variants are on the rise, leading to the closure of a ski resort following a local flare-up of the Brazil variant. Even if fully vaccinated, there remains a risk of carrying viral particles while traveling to and from Canada, thus justifying the advisory. Despite individual immunity, the potential threat to unvaccinated individuals remains a concern.

The CDC emphasizes that if absolutely necessary to visit Canada (for compelling reasons), full vaccination, mask-wearing, and adhering to social distancing norms are imperative. A post-travel COVID test is also strongly recommended.

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