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All We Know About The Location Of The Love Island Villa In 2024

Image Source: Love Island @ YouTube


All We Know About The Location Of The Love Island Villa In 2024

Where does Love Island take place? With the unveiling of a freshly adorned villa, viewers are curious if it’s the longstanding venue. Moreover, what’s the actual villa location? Below are all the specifics about the setting.

Love Island 2024 commenced with a flourish, as Maya Jama introduced 12 new residents to a rejuvenately stylized villa with freshly established hideaway protocols.

The hideaway has promptly instigated discord among Samantha Kenny, Joey Essex, and Harriett Blackmore and constituted an intimate nook for newcomer Uma Jammeh to seclude Ayo Odukoya.

Yet, not all aspects have transformed, the firepit retains its purpose, Ian Stirling continues to narrate, and the summer series persists in being shot in Spain.

This season’s edition is no different, taking place on the picturesque isle of Mallorca.

Should you be in the vicinity, the famous dwelling can be located in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar at Diseminado Poligono 8, 387, 07530, Illes Balears, Spain – visible on Google Maps.

Do not anticipate the villa to resemble its television appearance, you may even encounter reprimands for roaming the grounds as it’s likely private land leased for the show’s duration.

Also, the vivid neon lights and hues are installed over the villa’s framework explicitly for the program, so a visit might show just a standard European abode.

However, an aerial scan via Google Maps reveals that the signature fire pit remains intact throughout the year, identifiable by its circular form from satellite imagery.

While it’s merely conjecture, consider it an informed hypothesis.

The Casa Amor villa often resides in close proximity to the Love Island abode. In past seasons, islanders have detected their fellows’ exuberant revelry from the neighboring villa, sparking tension and envy.

For practical purposes in production, it’s logical to situate the secondary, smaller villa nearby.

Observing Google Maps aerial perspective of the Love Island villa, there’s a neighboring smaller villa with a pool down another avenue, only a brief four-minute stroll or one-minute vehicle journey down the same road.

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