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All About Taylor Swift Eras Tour Apparel: Costs, Hours Of Operation, Exclusive Jumpers, And More!

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All About Taylor Swift Eras Tour Apparel: Costs, Hours Of Operation, Exclusive Jumpers, And More!

Detailed insight into Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour merchandise, encompassing prices, items to acquire, and operational schedules. Uncover the early opening times for Eras Tour merchandise in Dublin, Ireland.

Emerging victorious from the Ticketmaster challenge, you’ve honed your Eras Tour ensemble, envisioned two beloved tracks for Taylor Swift to surprise with, and now confront the ultimate trial: The Taylor Swift Merch Truck.

Taylor’s Eras Tour is in full swing, entrancing fans who share immersive videos and snapshots from the awe-inspiring live performances by the music icon herself. With numerous shows ahead, fans are exchanging savvy hints with potential attendees – and merchandise insights headline those recommendations.

A swarm of dedicated enthusiasts has queued up at the merchandise vehicles and pop-up shops ahead of each concert, eager to secure exclusive tour merchandise. Some fans recounted enduring extended waiting periods to reach the queue’s forefront.

Beginning from Taylor’s June 2024 London dates, the current merchandise selection features the fresh Eras Tour design, featuring imagery from the Tortured Poets Department.

Here’s the rundown of merchandise available at the Eras Tour stand:

  • Hoodies – £70/€80/$75
  • Blue crewneck sweater – £60/€75/$65
  • Quarter-zip Pullover – £65/€75/$65
  • Long sleeve t-shirt – £40/€45/$55
  • Tour t-shirts (Black, white, cream/beige) – £40/€45/$45
  • ‘Bewejeled’ Bracelet – £30/€35/$35
  • Tote bag – £25/€30/$30
  • Water bottle – £15/€20/$25
  • Eras Tour poster – £15/€20/$30
  • Eras Tour poster with show date and location – £15/€20/$30

Exclusively available at US shows:

  • Canvas tour poster tapestry – $35
  • Tie-dye tank top – $40
  • Glow baton – $15

For purchases of Eras Tour merchandise in the US, the merchandise stand additionally highlights that sales tax will be included to the display prices. It is advisable to ensure that you can cover the accumulated expenses for your desired purchases.

Several items at the merchandise vehicle are akin to those retailed on Taylor’s official website. The black and beige t-shirts can currently be acquired on Taylor’s merchandise portal, along with the Eras ‘bejeweled’ bracelet. Alternatives for various hoodie designs are also showcased.

Regrettably, the viral blue crewneck sweater and grey zip sweater, highly sought-after by all, are not available for online purchase. These sweaters have attained such hype that fans caution others that non-ticket holders have queued up to acquire them en masse for resale at inflated prices.

Diverse items featured on Taylor’s website are absent from the merchandise vehicle and any interior kiosks.

Indeed, merchandise stalls are located within the venues, negating the need to queue extensively outside.

Yet, the interior stalls may lack the expansive diversity found at the exterior stand. Familiar items, such as water bottles, tote bags, posters, and tour tees, have been readily available to fans. Conversely, the coveted sweaters and hoodies have proven elusive within the venue’s confines.

On par with her prior UK presentations, Taylor has granted Irish enthusiasts a chance to procure merchandise even before the trio of shows commences.

Should you wish to browse merchandise ahead of the event, an expansive merchandise outlet is accessible at the 3Arena on North Wall Quay. Here are the operational hours:

  • Thursday 27th June – 10AM – 8PM
  • Friday 29th June – 10AM ONWARDS
  • Saturday 29th June – 10AM ONWARDS
  • Sunday 30th June – 10AM ONWARDS

Anticipate elevated footfall at early merchandise locations on show days. Given firsthand encounters at the initial London site, smaller sizes tend to deplete rapidly. Nevertheless, stock is routinely replenished, and seldom do items sell out completely.

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