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Alabama Governor Emphasizes the Significance of Vaccination


Alabama Governor Emphasizes the Significance of Vaccination

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Alabama currently holds the record for the lowest vaccination rate against COVID-19 among all continental United States, with merely about 33.9% of its population fully immunized. This deficiency in vaccination has led to a rapid increase in the spread of the delta variant of the coronavirus across the state. The number of newly confirmed COVID-19 cases has doubled from the previous week and quadrupled from two weeks ago. In response to queries on quelling this surge, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey succinctly highlighted the solution: getting vaccinated.

During a press briefing in Birmingham, Ivey expressed, “Responsibility lies with those who are unvaccinated, not with the general populace. The surge in new COVID cases is a consequence of unvaccinated individuals. Almost all recent hospitalizations involve unvaccinated people, and the deaths are predominantly among the unvaccinated.”

Ivey critiqued those refusing vaccination, stating that they are “choosing a detrimental path of self-inflicted suffering.”

She stressed the urgent need for more people to get vaccinated, asserting that the vaccine is “our most potent tool in combating COVID.”

Having received both doses of an approved vaccine back in December, Ivey highlighted the safety, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness of the vaccine, emphasizing that it saves lives.

Despite receiving substantial federal relief funds as part of the Biden administration’s stimulus package earlier this year, Alabama has not allocated any of these funds to a vaccination incentive initiative. The only incentive offered by the state so far is the opportunity for residents to drive two laps around Talladega Speedway.

When questioned about how Alabama can encourage more people to get vaccinated, Ivey responded with a simple, “I’m uncertain, what are your thoughts?”

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