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Adele Facilitates Surprise Proposal Arrangement


Adele Facilitates Surprise Proposal Arrangement

Credit: Unsplash

The spectacle of elaborate proposal gestures is often a delightful form of public entertainment. Witnessing someone surprising their loved one with a gesture, particularly if it involves a surprise from a well-known figure, is both impressive and heartening. These events resemble gender reveal celebrations but with a considerably lower risk factor. Recently, a man raised the bar for celebrity-backed proposals by enlisting the support of the globally renowned singer-songwriter Adele.

Quentin Brunson decided to propose to his partner of seven years, Ashleigh Mann, and thus reached out to Adele by sending a one-minute video request. Adele, currently immersed in promoting her latest album “30,” humorously dubbed by many as her “divorce album,” readily agreed to assist. Coincidentally, Adele was set to perform at her “One Night Only” music special on CBS at Griffith Park in Los Angeles, and with the help of the audience, Adele and Brunson orchestrated a flawless proposal.

Following a romantic picnic near the concert venue, Brunson guided Mann blindfolded onto the stage, revealing a space filled with fans and celebrities before asking for her hand in marriage. Overjoyed, Mann accepted the proposal, and Adele made a surprise appearance from behind the curtains, serenading the couple with a rendition of “Make You Feel My Love.”

After the affair, CBS interviewed the elated couple to capture their sentiments. “I was on the verge of tears, and I thought to myself, ‘I can’t break down out there.’ So, I composed myself and proceeded. It was quite overwhelming,” Brunson shared about his experience.

“I’m fairly confident that we’re now all close pals,” Mann chimed in. “Hopefully, they’ll attend our wedding. Mainly, I was just grateful that someone had a tissue handy. He knew I’d weep like a child.”

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