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‘Academy of Sound’ Ensemble Grieves Over Demise of Kevin Clark


‘Academy of Sound’ Ensemble Grieves Over Demise of Kevin Clark

Credit: Unsplash

Following the tragic incident on Wednesday, Kevin Clark, renowned for his portrayal as Freddy “Spaz” Jones in the 2003 movie Academy of Sound, passed away after a car collision during a bicycle ride. Upon learning of his passing, many of his former co-stars turned to their social media channels to express their sorrow and sympathies for their departed comrade.

“Heartbreaking news. Kevin has left us. Much too early. A beautiful spirit. Numerous cherished moments. Sorrowful. Sending affection to his loved ones and the entire Academy of Sound community,” Jack Black shared on his Instagram account, accompanied by pictures of himself with Clark.

“Today’s news has left me stunned and sorrowful,” Miranda Cosgrove expressed. “The world has lost a remarkable individual. I’ll forever hold dear your essence and your kindness towards me. I shall forever cherish all our shared memories. Kevin, you will always be remembered with fondness.”

“You’ll live in my heart forever, spaz,” posted Rivkah Reyes on Twitter. “I’ll always remember your warm embraces, infectious laughter, and the pure delight on your face when our paths would cross in Chicago. Thank you for always being there for me with that ‘older brother I never had’ vibe.”

“It’s unbelievable that we’ve lost a vital part of our family today. Over the years, I’ve grown to deeply appreciate and be thankful for the unforgettable experience that Academy of Sound provided,” Brian Falduto penned.

“The profound impact of [the film] largely stems from the extraordinary mix of individuals who were part of that journey. Those same individuals continue to hold significant positions in my life to this day. Farewell, Kevin. Thank you for eventually forgiving me (in 2016) for making you don spandex and heels. Endless love to you, you incredibly gifted and exceptionally kind soul.”

Kevin Clark was 32 years old.

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