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‘A Serene Space Part II’ Surpasses $100 Million in Box Office Revenue


‘A Serene Space Part II’ Surpasses $100 Million in Box Office Revenue

Credit: Unsplash

With the gradual reopening of movie theaters, films that have been waiting for the opportune moment are finally making their appearances. While progress may have been sluggish so far, movies like Cruella continue to draw a significant audience, both in cinemas and on streaming platforms, despite operating at a technical loss. Nonetheless, there is a palpable sense of the theater industry beginning to find its footing again, as evident from the performance of a returning horror sequel.

‘A Serene Space Part II,’ the follow-up to the 2018 horror suspense directed by John Krasinski, has now crossed the $100 million mark in box office earnings, considering its success in the United States and Canada. In the current circumstances, this achievement holds significant weight; being the first theatrical release to achieve this milestone since the start of the pandemic last year. Originally slated for release last year, the film’s delayed premiere might have proven advantageous in the long run, compensating for any potential financial losses with increased popularity. This accomplishment could herald the industry’s full recovery.

However, the situation is not yet back to normal. Surveys indicate lingering apprehension among potential viewers in the United States and Canada, primarily related to fears of COVID-19 transmission, especially among vulnerable groups like the elderly. Additionally, the availability of streaming services offering simultaneous movie releases, such as HBO Max and Disney+, poses a challenge to traditional theater attendance. The question arises – why venture to theaters when you can enjoy the same content from the comfort of home? Perhaps with the emergence of more blockbusters like ‘A Serene Space Part II,’ the scales may gradually tip in favor of theaters once again.

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