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A Blizzard Causes Power Outages in Several States


A Blizzard Causes Power Outages in Several States

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During the night, a severe winter blizzard swept through the southern and central United States. A mix of winter weather, including snow, slush, and icy rain has covered a span of 2,000 miles in the US, extending from the Canadian border to the Mexican border.

“The weather system is expected to persist, lasting through Friday with multiple rounds of winter weather affecting areas of the central United States before moving towards the interior Northeast,” as per the National Weather Service report on Wednesday.

The severe weather conditions, along with inadequately prepared electricity grids, have resulted in numerous households in the impacted regions losing power. Presently, approximately 130,000 residences are without power, with roughly 70,000 in Texas and about 25,000 in Arkansas.

Most modes of transportation in the affected states have been significantly impeded or completely halted, with roads blocked by snow and flights being canceled on a large scale. According to Kevin Sur from the Illinois Emergency Management Agency, “The accumulation of snow, strong winds, and freezing temperatures have rendered travel nearly impossible in certain areas of the state, with multiple highways closed due to vehicle accidents and semi-trucks skidding off the road.”

The blizzard is presently moving towards the northeastern United States and is anticipated to bring similar severe conditions on Friday.

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