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3 Stylish Men’s Watches With the Elegance Of A Timepiece


3 Stylish Men’s Watches With the Elegance Of A Timepiece

Sparkling gemstones might be a woman’s closest companion but a chic watch could be regarded as a man’s ultimate companion. A watch serves a purpose, but a timepiece is a functional fashion statement that enhances any wardrobe ensemble.

Finding an economical timepiece can be challenging as the majority of branded timepieces are positioned in the luxury market with inflated costs. Fortunately, more watch companies are now offering affordable and versatile watches with the sophisticated charm of a timepiece for their customers.


Founded by two childhood friends, NOTU is a company established out of frustration with watch brands producing a $3 watch packaged for less than a dollar then marking up the price by 50 to 70 times the production value. The creators of NOTU aimed to provide superior quality watches at a more affordable price, staying true to the essence of their Old English brand name symbolizing utility, pleasure, and advantage.

All timepieces crafted by NOTU are constructed using premium materials such as high-grade stainless steel, Seiko quartz mechanisms, and interchangeable deluxe leather straps. Notably, all NOTU watches come with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty attesting to the superior quality of their timepieces.

NOTU provides a selection of interchangeable watch bands in various colors to complement both casual and formal attire. The NOTU timepiece boasts versatility with features like a dual time zone display on subdials, including a military time subdial. Additionally, NOTU is currently offering a special discounted sale on watches, with prices as low as $60 for the 20 Series watch during their Black Friday promotion, with no promo code required, and swift, complimentary shipping.


(Photo: MVMT)

Specializing in timepieces for both men and women, MVMT offers men’s watches that combine high-end designs with an affordable price point. The Voyager Eclipse, one of MVMT’s bestsellers, features an all-gold design with a black watch dial, priced at $150.

MVMT presents a range of watch faces, including minimalist timepiece designs or larger, conventional watch styles featuring metal, leather, and canvas straps. Furthermore, this watch company extends its line to include accessories such as eyewear and jewelry, maintaining the refined style of their collection.

3. Nixon

(Photo: Nixon)

Renowned for their sports watch styles catering to outdoor enthusiasts, Nixon also offers more sophisticated designs that resemble a timepiece rather than a regular watch. The Santry Leather, featuring a manual dial and leather band, is one of Nixon’s most popular options, starting at $165.

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