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12 States Achieve Vaccination Milestone


12 States Achieve Vaccination Milestone

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Earlier this year, President Joe Biden shared his aspiration to have 70% of all adults in the US partially vaccinated before the Fourth of July, aiming for a somewhat normal summer celebration. Progress towards this milestone has been steady; approximately half of the adult population has received at least one dose of Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, with 40% having completed their vaccination series of Pfizer or Moderna, or received the Johnson & Johnson shot. The CDC reports an average of 1.2 million inoculations daily, contributing to the decrease in weekly COVID cases from around 60,000 to about 17,000. Additionally, recent statistics show a decline in COVID-related deaths, with only 589 reported in the US.

In the pursuit of achieving the July 4th vaccination target, a dozen states have surpassed the goal of having 70% of adults partially vaccinated. The leading states include California, Maryland, Vermont, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey, Rhode Island, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire.

Unfortunately, a significant number of states, primarily in the South, are trailing far behind the Northeast and West. Less than half of adults in Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana have been partially vaccinated, while other states like Oklahoma and Wyoming are not faring much better. Health experts express concerns that these states could potentially become COVID hotspots if vaccination rates do not increase promptly. Lower vaccination rates indicate reduced immunity, leading to a higher risk of rapid virus transmission from both asymptomatic carriers and visibly ill individuals. The situation might worsen as states with higher vaccination rates reopen and interstate travel resumes.

Current predictions suggest that nearly 30 states in the US may narrowly miss the July 4th vaccination target, with some states potentially not reaching it by the year’s end.

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